Expert Car Battery Repair and Replacement

Battery troubles can come at unexpected times and put a serious hamper on your daily commute. Dead car batteries are one of the more common issues that vehicle owners will experience in their lifetime, so it is important to know the warning signs of a dead battery. Hawk Nissan is here to inform you about these warning signs and where the best place to purchase a Nissan battery is.

Expert Car Battery Repair and Replacement

What Your Battery is Telling You

Besides the dashboard light coming on or the vehicle not starting, there are some telltale signs of a dying battery that you may be able to recognize.

  • Clicking sounds when turning the key

  • Interior lights are starting to dim

  • Slow cranking when you start your vehicle

The best possible way to check your car’s battery health is to get it tested out using a car battery tester. If you do not own one yourself, you can take advantage of the Nissan Express Service at Hawk Nissan to get your complimentary battery inspection.

Battery Services at Hawk Nissan

  • Diagnostic Checks – Inspecting and testing the levels of your car’s battery just takes a few minutes at Hawk Nissan. After a quick check, our technicians will be able to give you an estimate on the timeline for replacing the car battery.

  • Replacement – If your battery is completely out of juice and the installation of a new one is needed, then Hawk is your one-stop shop. Our parts department supplies the latest and strongest Nissan-approved batteries, and our technicians perform battery replacements regularly. Removing the battery and disposing of it is also handled by our staff, you just have to worry about getting home.

  • Terminal Cleaning – Several factors such as weather and usage can contribute to the buildup of corrosion on the positive and negative terminals. Our experts will clean the battery with a wire brush before ensuring the battery terminal is properly connected. They will even apply an anti-corrosion coating if needed to keep the battery clean.

Nissan Genuine Batteries

Why worry about replacing a battery yourself and having to research which auto parts stores carry a compatible replacement, when you can come to Hawk Nissan for a guaranteed match? Our parts department carries the latest Nissan Genuine Batteries, which come with an 84-month limited warranty and a 24-month free replacement warranty. Feel confident in your battery’s lifespan when you shop at Hawk Nissan.

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Our dealership is proud to provide ASE-certified technicians who have been serving the communities surrounding Chicago for years. If you are located in South Elgin, West Chicago, or Geneva then you are just a short trip away from the amazing offers we have available. Give your Nissan car the care and attention it deserves by scheduling service at Hawk Nissan of St. Charles.

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