College Grads: Read This!

May 18th, 2020 by

Our Nissan dealership near Elgin wants to extend a heartfelt congratulations to all college seniors who have just graduated! We know that your graduation day likely wasn’t what you expected when you set foot on campus 4 years ago, but you should be proud of yourself nonetheless. Now that you’ve officially joined the real world, it’s time to consider whether or not you need a car to get you where you need to go. Thankfully, our College Grad Program is a convenient and affordable way to purchase your very first car!

What the Program Includes

Driving off the lot in a high-quality vehicle at an incredible price is easy thanks to this program! First, choose the vehicle that catches your eye. If we have it in stock, we will let you know and help you schedule a test drive so you can see how it feels to be behind the wheel of it. If you don’t love the vehicle that you initially chose, we will then work with you to make sure that we find a vehicle that meets all of your requirements! From there, we will provide you with a special price and you’ll be able to drive off of the lot in your new car! It’s as simple as that.


We’ve developed a list of requirements for our College Grad Program. You must have graduated in the past two years (or your graduation must be coming up within 6 months) from either a two or four-year university. Recent graduate school and nursing school individuals are also eligible. You also must present proof of employment (either current or future) that begins within 90 days of your financing approval. An approved credit score, valid auto insurance and a sufficient income level are all requirements as well. If you have specific questions about whether or not you qualify, feel free to reach out to our team directly.

All pricing for this program is pre-negotiated and you can even defer payments for 90 days following your purchase. Plus, receive the best available rates for your new car even if you don’t have previous credit history.

Put your recent college degree to good use by investing in a car! Our team at Hawk Nissan of St. Charles is happy to answer any questions that you have.

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